Hong Kong Pools

hk pools

With summer here and temperatures soaring, it’s time to cool down at one of Hong Kong’s many public pools. Luckily, the city has 44 of them managed by LCSD (Local Council Services Department). The hottest ones have water slides, fountains and splash buckets that will delight kids and adults alike. Some also have al fresco bars, where you can enjoy a drink after swimming.

The first on our list is Hammer Hill Pool, a destination pool that’s popular with kids of all ages. It has two indoor and one outdoor pools, plus a Jacuzzi. The main attraction is the water slide and animal-themed play structures, but there’s also a toddler pool for tiny tots and their parents. It’s a quick walk from the MTR and is always packed, so you’ll need to arrive early.

Another great pool is the Kerry Hotel’s. This 118th floor pool is a showstopper, and it’s especially beautiful at night when the lights of Victoria Harbour shine as a backdrop. The pool is heated and dimly lit to create a serene environment that’s perfect for relaxing or getting in some laps. Plus, you can also sign up for a personal training session and work up a sweat before your swim.

A final hk pool we love is the Wan Chai Swimming Pool, which has a Jacuzzi and three pools. It’s a short walk from the MTR and is a great option for families. Plus, the pool is right opposite Belcher’s Bay Park, so you can take your kids for a run after swimming to burn off their extra energy.

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