SDY Pools – The Original Infinity Pool

Sdy pools are a welcome respite from the cold water, big seas and long walk of many Sydney beaches. Serene at low tide, choppy at high, they are the original infinity pools. Many of them are free for swimmers, with changing rooms and showers — although some have toilets only. Others are run by councils or community groups, and some have cafes and restaurants. But the real reason to visit a sdy pool is to enjoy its stunning view of the ocean and the cityscape.

Whether you’re after the best place to catch the sunset, a family picnic or a romantic date spot, there’s a sdy pool for you. Just about every Sydney beach has one, to give swimmers shelter when the southerly wind brings cold air and big seas. Some have changing rooms, others have showers, and some are supervised by lifeguards.

But while they may be a relief for swimmers, sdy pools have been the subject of a lot of controversy, as locals battle over how to use them. The North Sydney pool is currently closed while the council tries to find ways to pay for a $21 million revamp of the facility. It’s hoped charging for fashion week shows, production companies and private parties – far from the usual remit of a public pool – will help to recoup the costs over time.

The sdy pool is an icon of the Australian coastal landscape, and its beauty has captured the imagination of visitors and locals alike. But the area’s unique history and ecology are under threat from developers, who have plans to build apartments, houses and hotels on the site.

To protect the site, activists are forming an alliance with the community to push for a statewide ban on development on NSW coastlines and to campaign for the reopening of the pool. The alliance is supported by more than 20 environmental and community groups, including the Greens, NSW Farmers’ Association and Environment Protection Authority.

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By Beck-Web
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