What is Data SGP?

data sgp

Data sgp is a set of tools that allows teachers to analyze educational assessment data for their students. These tools can help determine how well a student is progressing academically and provide information on areas that may need improvement. Data sgp is also important for parents to know because it can provide them with the information they need to support their children.

The sgpData package provides functions that facilitate the analysis of longitudinal data sets using the statistical methodology for student growth percentiles (SGP). It is important to note that this is not an assessment system and it is only one aspect of the process for assessing student achievement and determining how to improve academic performance. The sgpData package is intended to be used with other assessment systems to complement the results of current assessments.

SGP data is available through the sgpData website and it can be downloaded in csv format. This data contains the student growth percentile for each student and the results of all the assessments the student has taken in a five year span.

This data is useful for a variety of purposes, including analyzing the effectiveness of a curriculum, comparing the performance of different schools, and evaluating the effectiveness of a school’s instructional practices. It can also be helpful in identifying trends and patterns within an entire district or state.

To access the sgp data, click on the “Data” link located at the top of any page. A list of all the available data will appear. Select the data you want to download and save it to your computer.

How is SGP data calculated?

SGP is an aggregate measure of student performance that indicates a student’s progress from their beginning to end grade level. It is based on a student’s assessment history and takes into account multiple measures from different content areas. The current SGP calculation is based on a student’s most recent test and at least one previous test from an earlier testing window (fall, winter, or spring).

Students are assigned a student growth percentile based on their progress relative to the average of the top 85% of their academic peers. The higher the percentile, the more growth the student has shown.

Typically, the typical student has a growth percentage of about 36 to 64. Students or groups that have a lower or higher than the typical percentage will not be meaningfully different educationally.

Using the SGP package and the sgpData exemplar data set is, in general, straight forward. Almost all errors that come up in SGP analyses revert back to issues with the data preparation. The lower level functions that do the calculations, such as studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections, require WIDE formatted data while the higher level functions (wrappers for these functions) work with LONG data. For further assistance, read the SGP data analysis vignette for more comprehensive documentation.

By Beck-Web
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